Consulting services in construction, real estate, architecture and IT.

Connecting World

Providing international companies and investors connection with Serbian business environment.


Project management, real estate properties management and IT systems management.

Who We Are

Kasteljanov Inc. is a family company that provide consulting and management services in construction, real estate, architecture and IT. We are experts in our professional fields, with connections and knowledge of local Serbian business environment and culture. In our work following international recognised quality standards is the norm. As such, we are well positioned to be your trusted business partner.

Vladimir Kasteljanov
Civil engeneer. More than 35 years of experience in civil engineering. He was a long term CEO of “Standard-Beton” - construction company from Bela Crkva, Serbia. Received training for building construction design in earthquake risk areas provided and funded by UN. .

Tatjana Bradvarovic - Kasteljanov
Architect. Former CEO of Public Works Company, municipality of Bela Crkva. She is an experienced project manager responsible for many successful construction projects in the country.

Nikola Nick Kasteljanov
Nikola Nick Kasteljanov

IT professional. MBA, CSE, ITC. Specialized in IT systems management and consulting. More than ten years of SME consulting in Canada.

Company Offices

Construction, Real Estate and Architecture

Office in Bela Crkva, Serbia


Office in Halifax, Nova Scotia